WIENeu Hoerbiger

Vienna, Austria
Querkraft Architekten ZT GmbH
Ă–rtliche Bauaufsicht
Competence Center: 
CC Projektmanagement & Generalplanung Hochbau

New construction of the administration and production site for the company HOERBIGER in Seestadt Aspern in Vienna. A modern building was erected with the aim to bring together workers from production and employees from administration. Due to the utilization and the ecological objectives stipulated by the city of Vienna (TQB) there were high demands regarding the design. The building stands out due to its three cantilevers in the entrance area as well as the green courtyard and its open architecture. Ground water utilization was intended for the cooling of the structural elements.

FCP was responsible for the design-build-internal project management as well as site supervision (construction + HVAC), basis for cost estimation and health & safety engineering. The services were assigned to a general contractor.

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