1990 Austrian Award

Olympic Grand Bridge, Seoul, South Korea


1998 Nomination Austrian Award

Floating Track Slab


1999 Austrian Award

Kao Ping Hsi Bridge, Taiwan


2001 Nomination Austrian Award

CaSCo - Consistant Semi Active System Control

Oberbau Berlin

2004 Nomination Austrian Award

Ballast-less Track and Floating Track Slab
North-South-Railway Tunnel Berlin


2006 Nomination Austrian Award

DyGeS - Dynamic Weight Registration System


2008 Nomination Austrian Award

Biogas container in system building construction method

2011 Mobility Prize

Sound Insulated Track System of Vienna’s Tram

2014 Nomination for the Constructor Prize

Geriatric Centre Baumgarten

2018 European Concrete Award

√ĖAMTC Mobility Centre


FCP Fritsch, Chiari & Partner obtained the Austrian Award for International Consulting twice and was nominated in this category four times. Furthermore FCP was nominated for the Austrian Award for Telematics for the research project DyGes in the year 2006.