√ĖAMTC Zentrale BIM in Wien
√ĖAMTC Zentrale BIM in Wien

BIM & Your Benefits

You can find out more about your benefits with BIM and FCP on our presentation website BIM@FCP.




With BIM Ideas come true at FCP

BIM is the keyword for digitalization in construction engineering: Building Information Modeling.

In general BIM is no IT tool or instrument for integrated design but a working method ranging over the whole life cycle.

BIM as working method comprises design, construction and management. It is emphasized that all relevant phases of projects are represented.


Video of our BIM event 2018 under the slogan "Halo I BIMS!" in Kuppelsaal of the Vienna University of Technology.


BIM will decisively influence our building processes. It can be foreseen that an actual integration of the processes will take place by means of BIM, i.e. design (3D) will be linked to time scheduling (4D) and cost planning (5D) up to sustainability planning (6D).