CC Acoustics, dynamics, building physics, measurement & instrumentation

Measurement based analysis and assessment
Building physics
Research & development
CC Head: 
Verena Dreitler
CC Head-Deputy: 
Hanno Töll
Karina Pascoli

The scope of services of the Competence Center Acoustics, Dynamics, Building Physics, Measurement & Instrumentation ranges from noise and vibration protection to the development of new measurement and instrumentation methods in the scope of research projects.

Acoustics, sound and vibration engineering

  • measurements and analyses of existing immissions
  • measurements of sound emissions of sites and railway vehicles
  • forecasts in the scope of submission and approval procedures
  • expert opinions and audits
  • planning and optimisation of immission protection measures
  • measurements of room acoustics, optimisation and planning
  • structural and physical measurements

Dynamics and measurement & instrumentation

  • rail dynamics, inspections of the track system
  • earthquake engineering
  • dynamic system identification
  • dynamic simulations and expert opinions
  • monitoring of the dilatation behaviour of bridge structures

Research & development

  • further development of measurement methods
  • research and development in the field of noise and vibration protection
  • earthquake engineering
  • wind tunnel tests

Expert opinions

  • assessment according to laws, standards and guidelines
  • evaluation and planning of immission protection measures

Building physics

We offer energy performance certificates and building physics for submissions to the point of simulations, measurements and model experiments.