FCP Award – Prize Winners of 2004

Thomas M. Kasper

The performance of a constructed surface flow wetland for treating stormwater in Brisbane/Australia.
Optimisation of constructed wetland in tropical countries.

Ulrich Puz

FEM-study on versions of specified torrent dams.
Different torrent dams were analysed and the assessment optimised.

Thomas Reim

Analytic studies on thermal building simulations used in case of renovation of old buildings with double veneer.
By means of different software packages an analytic study on old buildings with double veneer was carried out.

Wesam Rinawi

Particle image velocimetry (PIV) applied on traxial tests.
With the help of particle image velocimetry the deformations of traxial tests are measured conctact-free.

Johannes Tinter

Vegetation and geology at the Rindberg - the cover of vegetation as an indication of a mass movement in the "Vorderen Bregenzerwald".
A mass movement in the "Vorderen Bregenzerwald" was carried out in which by means of vegetation different ground parameters such as ground humidity, ground reaction and nutrient content were estimated.