FCP Award 2008

FCP Award – Prize Winners of 2008

Innovation Award:
Dr. Georg Strobl

Contribution to the design and calculation of integral concrete bridges with particular consideration of the “free” tendon position in bridge construction.

Dissertation – Leopold-Franzens-University Innsbruck, Faculty for Structural Engineering

The present paper basically deals with the special features during the design and dimensioning of integral frame bridges. In addition the advantages of a new – so-called “free” – tendon position in bridge construction is discussed, which is to lead to a reduction in costs and work.

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Innovation Award:
Dr. Matthias Zeiml

Concrete under fire load – from the experimental investigation of the spalling behaviour and the transport properties up to the structural analysis of tunnel shells under fire load.

Dissertation – Vienna Technical University, Faculty for Structural Engineering

Tunnel fires have shown in the past that the resulting fire load can cause a considerable damage at the inner concrete shell. In this paper the effect of the fire load on inner shell concrete of the tunnel is studied by means of experimental investigations and numeric simulations

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