Project of the month 'December 2017'

Launch of VDE 8

The launch of the approx. 500 km long traffic project N√ľrnberg-Berlin (VDE 8) is planned for 10 December 2017. This project shortens the travelling time from Munich to Berlin by railway to only four hours. The section Ebensfeld ‚Äď Ilmenau (VDE 8.1) is a double-track electrified railway route for the high-ranking passenger and freight traffic with a length of approx. 66 kilometres and a maximum speed of 300 km/h.

FCP carried out the track system in form of a ballastless track of the sections VDE 8.2 (in operation since 12/2015), VDE 8.1 Lot Centre and Lot South on a length of approx. 160 km.

Services: Approval design, detailed structural design, as-completed drawings, participation in launching, bridge checks, noise protection design incl. foundation and noise assessment

YOUTUBE . Nico vs. Nico vs. Nico

to the project VDE 8.2
to the project VDE 8.1 Los Mitte
to the project VDE 8.1 Los S√ľd

to the project VDE 8.2 measurement