Project of the Month 'January 2017'

√ĖAMTC Headquarters

On 5 December 2016 the new √ĖAMTC headquarters in Erdberg was put into operation.

√ĖAMTC concentrated the former eight administrative sites in Vienna in one new building with a size of 25,000 square metres and established new headquarters with an office area, support functions, member service and a heliport. The new centre shall take care of approx. 75,000 members and clients.

The project was handled by Pichler & Traupmann architects as general design managers in cooperation with FCP. The building was continuously planned from preliminary design up to detailed design with a joint three-dimensional BIM model.

Services of FCP: Preliminary design, design, submission design, tender design, foundation concept, detailed project, detailed design, check engineering and notification of completion according to Vienna’s building regulations, project control