Project of the month 'January 2018'

Project EDISON I ‚Äď UAV Inspection ‚Äď Pilot Project Falkenstein Bridge

Civil engineering structures must be regularly subjected to complete visual and close condition tests regulated in guidelines, rules and standards. In particular in case of big bridges this is only possible in a limited manner and is connected with high efforts and expenses for access technology (e.g. devices for underneath inspection of bridges, scaffolding) and operational constraints (e.g. closure of tracks).

The objective of the EDISON project is the support of conventional bridge inspections and the (partial) replacement of the latter by use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). In the project various UAV based sensor systems (e.g. high-resolution cameras, multi-spectral cameras, stereo cameras, ground radar, thermography) were further developed and tested at the Falkenstein railway bridge.


  • High-precision, complete 3D model of the bridge from photogrammetric pictures
  • Damage detection and classification of UAV data (cracks, spalling, moisture penetration, ‚Ķ)
  • Damage localization at the 3D model, list of defects and test report