Project of the Month 'October 2016'

U5 Berlin ‚Äď Completion of the Structural Works at Station Rotes Rathaus

On 7 September a topping-out ceremony and an open building site day took place on the occasion of the completion of the preliminary structural works of the underground railway station Rotes Rathaus.

The project ‚ÄúL√ľckenschluss U5‚ÄĚ extends the previous U5 Line from Alexanderplatz to Brandenburger Tor and merges it with U55 there. Apart from 2.2 kilometres of tunnel routes, three new railway stations ‚ÄúUnter den Linden‚Äú, ‚ÄúMuseumsinsel‚Äú as well as ‚ÄúRotes Rathaus‚ÄĚ are constructed in the centre of Berlin.

Seven centrally arranged supports carry a major part of the floor load in the station “Rotes Rathaus“. The column heads look like mushrooms due to their funnel shape and shall remind of the old vault of the medieval town hall. 

Construction works and surface restoration shall take place after the completion of the structural works. The opening of the total route of the U5 is expected in 2020.

Client: BVG Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe

Design of Station Rotes Rathaus: Collignon Architektur

Services of FCP: Services in consortium with artus Architekten and Sch√ľsslerplan: Project control, site management, site supervision of structural works, finishing works, cable routeing

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