Project of the month . October 2018

Loading Requirements for Track Systems

Which load pattern do you use for track design? In rail track engineering it is common to apply load models developed for design and assessment of bridges as an approximation of loading regimes for rail tracks. FCP’s client questions the traditional approach and is interested in developing realistic load models for track designers.

Multi-body dynamic simulations have been performed to model the dynamic interaction of the coupled vehicle-track-soil domain. Comparison of numerical response quantities with readily available data extracted from measurements of the project VDE 8.2 reveals the superior quality of the novel methodology.

FCP proposes a novel load model consisting of both a realistic load pattern and spectra of dynamic amplification factors. This study contributes to the existing body of modifications to the next generation of modern track design codes. Theory, findings and possible applications will be published on the client’s website in the first quarter of 2019.

Client . RSSB – Rail Safety and Standards Board, U.K.

Service . Development of a Methodology to Determine Loading Regimes for Track Designers