Project of the month . September 2018

Spielmanngasse ‚Äď School for 6 to 14-Year-Olds

The project consists of the new construction of a new secondary school and the annex to an already existing elementary school.

The new school for 10-14-year-olds is designed as compact structure with five floors. Two gymnasiums are joined on the back side in an independent building part. The project additionally offers a sequence of open spaces suitable for pupils and instruction due to the placement of the structures. 

The structure of the elementary school annex is compactly connected to the existing structures with three floors and complements the available space with the required educational and secondary rooms.

Operation in the new classes will start with the beginning of the school year 2018/19.

Client . Vienna Municipal Authorities MA 56 represented by WIP Wiener Infrastruktur Projekt GmbH

Services in consortium with CPPA & Fellerer Vendl . Design-build, static and structural design,  health & safety engineering, site supervision, building physics, check engineering according to the Viennese building code, safety building book, cost control and tender