Br√ľckenobjekte im Knoten Eibesbrunn
Design of the Bridge Objects in the Junction Eibesbrunn

The junction Eibesbrunn connects the S1 "Vienna's ring expressway" with the A5 "Northern motorway".

01.03.2008 - 00:00 // Project of the month
U2/7 Donaustadtbr√ľcke
U2/7 Donaustadtbr√ľcke - Conclusion of the prestressing works over the A22 motorway

The section U2/7 'Donaustadtbr√ľcke' is a part of the extension of the U2 underground line from Schottenring to Aspern.

01.01.2008 - 00:00 // Project of the month
Br√ľcke √ľber die Leitha
Leitha bridge / Austria

On 20 November the A6 North-East-motorway was opened to the traffic.

01.12.2007 - 00:00 // Project of the month
Theatre in Josefstadt / Vienna

The festive matinée for the opening of the generally rehabilitated Theatre in Josefstadt took place after a break in the theatre operation of only five months and the main construction period, as planned, on Saturday 20 October 2007.

01.11.2007 - 00:00 // Project of the month
FH Wels Br√ľcke
College Wels ‚Äď Connecting Bridge

On 4 September 2007 the connecting bridge between the existing building of the BFI (Federal Austrian Sponsoring Institute) and the existing technical college in Wels was lifted in.

01.10.2007 - 00:00 // Project of the month
Pöstlingberg railway

Since 1898 the steepest European adhesion railway (~12%) has been in operation in the town of Linz from the station in the district of Urfahr to the hill "Pöstlingberg". It is a 2.9 km long section with a difference in altitude of 255 m.

01.09.2007 - 00:00 // Project of the month
Stiftsgymnasium Melk
Reconstruction of and Extension to Monastic Grammar School Melk

In order to meet the requirements of a modern school, reconstruction and extension measures of the monastic grammar school in Melk are necessary.

01.07.2007 - 00:00 // Project of the month


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