Wiener Netzkulinarium © pxt
Wiener Netzkulinarium

On 12 January 2015 the construction works for the future restaurant and communications centre of Wiener Netze (Vienna Public Utilities) situated centrally on the Wiener Netze site have started.

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Charterbusparkplatz © FCP

On 17 February 2015 the new charter bus parking area at the Vienna International Airport was put into operation after a planning period of 10 months. It comprises 22 parking spaces for buses and 4 drop-off zones.

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Drauquerung © FCP
Drauquerung – Koralm Railway Route Graz–Klagenfurt

In December 2014 the Drau river crossing of the Koralm railway line was completed and delivered with the assembly of the last noise barrier stays after two years of construction.

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Technical Centre WIFI and NDU © Toni Rappersberger
Winning Project: Technical Centre WIFI and NDU

The Concrete Prize was awarded by the GVTB (Quality Association for Ready-Mixed Concrete) for the second time. The winning prize 2014 was awarded to the Technological Centre Wifi (Institute of Economic Development) in St.

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New Danube Bridge Linz, Upper Austria

A report on the realization competition for the new Danube Bridge Linz was published in the December issue of the architectural journal “Wettbewerbe”.

19.01.2015 - 10:33 // Press
Educational Centre and Campus Sonnwendviertel, Vienna

Contemporary education. The educational centreSonnwendviertel in the 10th district of Vienna is the fourth educational campus in Vienna in addition to Monte Laa, Nordbahnhof and Donaustadt .

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Huttengasse © FCP
Residential and Office Building Huttengasse

The residential building Huttengasse comprises 172 privately financed flats, 15 offices and a supermarket.

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