The focus of our company is on services in the fields of planning, static and structural design, project control, technical and financial control, check engineering, design management for all site progress related trades, detailed design, site supervision and project management, research as well as health & safety engineering.
Particular importance is attached to optimum 100% support of our clients based on our knowledge and integrity. Our priorities are maximum quality as well as adherence to delivery dates and the budget.


Our staff members have the ability to act independently and to quickly react to new needs. In this field entrepreneurial action is delegated to the personnel.
General and individual personnel development concepts in the sense of staff promotion are integral parts of our management policy.
We support a creative work environment.
All staff members are actively integrated into quality responsibility and therefore each of them contributes to quality management in his own way. The staff members are requested to permanently contribute to the improvement of the QM system, which is supported by regular meetings, the deviation system and other adequate measures, like for example training courses.


Value performance is defined as the sum of all measures for reaching the agreed objectives.
All staff members in the field of service are quality oriented.


Our management team respects the individual capacities of our personnel internally.
We solve our conflicts by reconciliation of interests.
The managing directors consider the promotion of the sense of responsibility and of quality awareness of the personnel as well as the basic regulation of the competences and procedures for all activities and factors influencing quality essential tasks.
The management team commits itself to apply the QM system described in the available manual. The managing directors keep themselves informed on the quality situation at frequent intervals in order to be able to assess the efficiency of the QM system, to continuously improve it by means of respective measures and to monitor their efficiency.


We encourage our staff members to freely express their opinion, to perform brainstorming and develop proposals for performance and quality improvement.
We communicate our approach and the corporate goals to all staff members and keep them informed on company policy, achievement of objectives and results.

Public Relations:

We perceive ourselves as an integral part of the society and encourage open information and communication policies internally and externally.

Environment (Sustainability) and Safety:

Care for the environment has a high priority for our activities. This shall be a contribution to preserve the prospects for future generations.
Health and safety of our personnel is a particular concern to us. We would like to take all measures to avoid dangers at the workplace and to promote the health of our staff.

Social Skills:

Social responsibility vis-à-vis all of our staff members as well as their appreciation and promotion is part of our self-conception.

Quality Management:

Every position mentioned in the QM manual and the process descriptions is responsible that the provisions for quality assurance of the services to be rendered are observed in all areas of their competence. This also includes the responsibility of all staff members to provide for compliance within their scope of responsibility. The person entrusted with the quality management system (MSB) is Mr. Walter Nemeth, who is also one of the managing directors of the company. Ms. Veronika Eckerstorfer adopts the tasks of the quality manager. The MSB is responsible for the implementation and the maintenance of the QM system and for the information of the partners regarding the QM system.
All divisions of the company have an access to the QM manual, the QM process descriptions as well as other relevant documents.

FCP is certified to ISO 9001.