Biogas Tank in System Building Construction Method

Lower Austria, Austria
Kirchdorfer Holding GmbH
Structural design
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CC Building design

In the course of a pilot project a liquid and gas-tight biogas tank (V = 3000 m3, H = 11.80 m) in system building construction method was developed together with the Kirchdorfer Holding GmbH, the Vienna University of Technology, the company Wopfinger and the Biogas GmbH. This prototype is cheaper in production and has a better concrete quality than conventional biogas tanks, which guarantees long-term resistance.
The implementation of an impermeability system from tunnel construction, the use of a new ecologically friendly binding agent, a standardized industrial manufacturing system as well as the development of an individual transport and assembly concept make a sustainable and innovative contribution to this pilot project. Thanks to this project biogas technology already established in Austria is being further developed and accelerated. Furthermore a big biogas potential exists in the agrarian countries of Eastern and Southern Europe.

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