Campus Sonnwendviertel

Vienna, Austria
PPAG architects
Structural design
Competence Center: 
CC Structural design buildings

Vienna’s campus model is an educational institution comprising kindergarten, schools and recreational areas in one site.

The campus (kindergarten, all-day elementary school and all-day secondary school), which was built in the urban development area around the main railway station, was based on a new, innovative educational concept of the city of Vienna. The borders between classes and school types, between interior and exterior are dissolved.

The respective educational units ‚Äď educational, project and staff rooms - are organized as clusters around so-called market places. They have individual entrances and lead to a central, commonly used core area. This area comprises superordinate functions like refectory, gym hall, sports hall, multi-purpose hall, special teaching rooms of elementary and secondary school and the entrance to the campus.