City Tower Vienna – Facade Refurbishment

Vienna, Austria
City Tower Vienna Errichtungs- und Vermietungs-GmbH
Facade Refurbishment
Competence Center: 
CC Building design

In the course of the maintenance of the building the exterior toughened safety glass panels of the facade were exchanged with laminated safety glass. Due to a respective expert opinion by an authorized inspection authority on behalf of FCP it was possible to carry out the refurbishment with the same glass thickness.

All in all approx. 7,250 m² or approx. 2,850 glass panes were substituted between March and October 2016. In parallel to the glass exchange the total natural stone facade was inspected and refurbished. Furthermore safety measures regarding accessibility and guardrails were planned and implemented. In addition several small projects were planned and implemented like the creation of a new porch, the rehabilitation of untight floors and the foyer design "suspended ceiling".