Crossing Drau River – Competition Project

Carinthia, Austria
Ă–BB Infrastruktur Bau AG
Structural design
Competition project
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CC Bridge construction
CC Structural modeling

Double-track railway bridge in the course of the Koralm railway. The route traverses the Drau river in the area of the Völkermarkter reservoir with a constant radius of 3,200 m and is appropriate for a design speed of Ve = 200 km/h.  

A prestressed concrete construction with external and internal longitudinal pre-stressing. The spans of the two foreland structures and the main bridge are: 3 x 45 m + 50 m + 80 m + 50 m + 4 x 45 m = 495 m. The cross section height for the foreland structures totals 2.80 m and is equal to the mid-span of the main bridge. The height of the cross section at the columns in the river totals 5.00 m. The river columns, with a diameter of 5.00 m, are restrained in the main bridge. All remaining columns have a reduced diameter of 3.00 m and head expansions.