Drauquerung – Koralm Railway Route Graz–Klagenfurt

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CC Bridge construction

In the course of the project Koralmbahn the current bridge MA 26 (Drauquerung) crosses the Drau valley in the area of the Völkermarkt water reservoir.

As part of the future direct connection between Graz and Klagenfurt, the double-track bridge bearing structure is built for a design speed of 250 km/h. The structure, which has a total length of approx. 600 m, consists of four single bearing structures with spans between 125 m and 200 m.

The bridge structure itself consists of a pre-stressed box girder cross section. The load transfer into the underground (foundation) is performed by classical deep foundation by large bored piles.

The bridge structure is constructed by means of incremental launching (insertion of the structure) where the four single bearing structures are monolithically connected by a temporary connection in the course of insertion. The single bearing structures are separated after the insertion procedure in the end position.

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