Irish Rail – Track Engineering Works

IRISH RAIL – Infrastructure Division
Structural design of superstructure
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CC Geotechnics & natural hazards
CC Railway engineering

Due to partly bad track location in Ireland and the resulting lower train speeds as well as the increasing safety problems a new maintenance plan had to be elaborated and maintenance and renewal works were carried out at the main route in Ireland (Dublin–Cork).
Together with these measures the speed level in the approx. 260 km long double-tracked route Dublin–Cork had to be increased from 160 km/h in the beginning to 190 km/h.
In particular in the heavily frequented sections the track system was in a very bad condition. According to the condition different maintenance works were necessary ranging from the exchange of the rails and the sleepers up to the improvement of the substructure including new drainage.
Furthermore the currently valid standards and regulations were adapted to the new Eurocodes.

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