Lainzer Tunnel – Final Construction

Vienna, Austria
ÖBB Infrastruktur Bau AG
Structural design of superstructure
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CC Railway engineering

The main prerequisite for the creation of a high-performance route in the greater Vienna area is the new construction of an environmentally beneficial and efficient connection between the western and the southern railway lines. The planned "Lainzer Tunnel" therefore is a basic item of the whole railway extension in eastern Austria. Thanks to "Lainzer Tunnel" the total freight traffic coming from the West can pass through under the city and be led to the central switching yard Kledering and the planned freight terminals in the south of Vienna.

The tunnel is partly situated under residential area, that is why a complex noise and vibration protection system is necessary. Because of different floating track slabs adjusted to the surroundings the best protection for the inhabitants is guaranteed.

Total length ballast-less track and floating track slab: approx. 30 km