New Energies 2020

Ă–sterr. Klima + Energie Fond
Energy & building physics
Competence Center: 
CC Building design

The structural department of FCP is involved in a research project of the Austrian Climate and Energy Fund.

In the scope of the research programme "New Energies 2020" Austrian residential development structures are structurally investigated under the aspect "embodied energy". Embodied energy is the energy, which is accumulatively contained before actual utilization starts, starting from the production of building materials up to the construction of buildings,. There is already extensive knowledge for utilization energy (heating, hot water, lighting etc.) as state of the art and respective energy performance certificates for buildings.

Embodied production energy for residential buildings and also for their required infrastructural development (access roads, pavements, water supply, sewage system, district heating etc.) is studied in this project and processed for engineering calculations. Various residential structures (from single-family housing estates to densely populated low-rise buildings and residential buildings with several storeys) including terraces, driveways, garages, fences, playgrounds etc. are analyzed for the currently valid building standards up to 2010 and regressively also for 1990 & 1970. Consequently an "Embodied Energy Calculator" , which can be easily used, for various residential buildings, their infrastructural connection – also retrospectively for different construction periods – is created.

Furthermore our project partners analyze the "support measures" of the public authorities (above all fiscal instruments like e.g. subsidized housing, duty policies) for residential buildings and infrastructure and convey recommendations for their ecological compatibility. In addition the long-term problems to be expected for global energy supply (peak oil) and future strategies for the prospective specially affected single-family housing estates (suburbia) are discussed.

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