Relaunch Gourmet Restaurant Steirereck

Vienna, Austria
Restaurant Steirereck GmbH
Technical and financial control
Competence Center: 
CC Project management & controlling buildings

Restaurant Steirereck in Vienna’s Stadtpark was extended by a new gazebo-like dining area towards the park. The park is reflected in the walls of the gazebo (mirrored surface), which implicates a delicate appearance of the gazebo. Below the new dining area two basement floors were erected as service and technical areas. The existing dining area including a foyer was re-launched. A kitchen garden - urban gardening - was created on the terrace. The listed part of the building (park villa) is discreetly opened towards the terrace facing the river. The building equipment and appliances are visionary with individually controllable air-conditioning units for every gazebo-finger.

Architecture: PPAG architects ztgmbh