S35 Brucker Expressway– Section Stausee Zlatten–Mautstatt–Röthelstein

Styria, Austria
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The project closed the approximately 11 km long gap in the S35. The whole project was divided into two sections.

The southern section (Mautstatt-Röthelstein) covers a length of approx. 4 km. Comprising predominantly open-country sections, the Mautstatt junction, various embankment and cut and fill stages, split level carriageways with retaining walls and slope protection in the form of anchor walls, the S10 bridge object over the Werkskanal (roughly 155 m long) and filling along the banks of the storage lake. The only tunnel structure, with a length of 678 m (of which 153 m using open construction method at the portals), is the Mixnitz tunnel for the Bruck on the Mur–Graz carriageway. It was constructed between 2003 and 2006.

The northern section (Zlatten–Mautstatt reservoir) covers a length of about 7 km and was constructed between 2005 and 2008. This section comprises: the two double-tube tunnels, Kaltenbach (east tube l = 1,011 m of which 96 m by open construction method, west tube l = 1,165 m of which 150 m by open construction method) and Kirchdorf (east tube l = 2,653 m of which 135 m by open construction method, west tube l = 2807 m of which 156 m by open construction method); the half junctions Zlatten and Kirchdorf; a green bridge and open-country sections with slope protection in the form of anchor walls; several artificial structures; and a 700 m long bridge along the reservoir shore.