Stabilisation Measures - Degen Dam

Lower Austria, Austria
Lower Austrian government
Structural design
Detailed design
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CC Civil engineering

The Degen dam, constructed in 1983, is situated near the A2 motorway.
In the course of the erection of the dam and in 1985 slope movements were observed which required safety measures. In spring 2000 cracks appeared in the carriageway, which made further reconnaissance and measurements necessary.
In the expert opinion of Prof. Heinz Brandl it was suggested that, stabilisation measures should be taken to prevent the risk of new landslides and cracks.
Due to the difference of up to 45¬į between the slope and the dam profile circular wells with depths up to 55 m were planned for the slope stabilisation.
The wells are located at intervals of 10 m at the core of the landslides and up to 20 m at the edge region.
Up to a maximum of three times well width was applied for the breadth of influence of the loadings for a well so that according to the selected well diameter the whole slope was ultimately considered with regard to the loading.

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