Tegetthoff Barracks

Vienna, Austria
PBE Entwicklungsgesellschaft
Site supervision
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CC Project management & controlling buildings

The historic building of the former marine barracks Tegetthoff was constructed in the 1930s, in 2012 the site was closed and the whole area was sold. The existing building was reconstructed into a modern residential building with 23 apartments with private bathing areas and landing piers at the Kuchelauer dock.

Two bungalows were newly erected at the water side, furthermore two subterranean garages, a protection embankment against floods and a sealing slurry wall were built. The bulky attic storey was completely newly built in a very sophisticated style.

The real estate is situated in a unique location in the 19th district of Vienna, with the Kahlenberg hill in the back and a view over the calm branch of the Danube. A general bathing area with generous boardwalks was established for the residents.

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