Theater in der Josefstadt

Wien, √Ėsterreich
Theater in der Josefstadt BetriebsgesmbH
Technical and commercial supervision
Health & safety coordination
Site supervision
Project control
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CC Health & safety engineering
CC Site supervision
CC Project management & general consultant buildings

During summer 2006 and 2007 the theatre in Josefstadt was generally rehabilitated in two building phases. The substantial aims were improvements in the operation of the theatre and in the convenience for the audience.

An improvement in the theatre's operation was reached by the following measures: rehabilitation and modernization of the stage area by using new stage and lighting technology, creation of additional useable space by extension of the current stage house in Piaristengasse 44 and by adding a storey which contains a new rehearsal stage over the "Sträußel" halls.

An improvement in comfort for the audience is reached by the following measures: general rehabilitation of the auditorium, installation of a new air conditioning system, renewal of foyers and cloakrooms. As a visible sign from outside the façade was renovated.