U1/10 Troststrasse

Vienna, Austria
Wiener Linien GmbH & Co KG
Detailed design
Submission design
Check engineering
Site supervision and safety on site
Safety concept
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CC Civil engineering

The section U1/10 is part of the extension of the existing underground line U1 to Oberlaa and consists of the conversion of the current terminal and reverser as well as the new construction of tunnels and shafts.
The conversion of the 4-track reverser (lg. 225 m) comprises the alteration of two turning tracks to two main tracks, renovation of diaphragm walls and new construction of ventilation systems (for waste air and accidental fire).
New buildings will consist of single main track NATM tunnels (lg 1300 m) and a single station track NATM tunnel (lg 115 m) with waterproof inner concrete shells installed subsequently.
Furthermore two access shafts and a second single station track tunnel constructed by cut-and-cover method using concrete pile walls and waterproof inner concrete shells will be part of the project.

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