Wiental Terrace

Vienna, Austria
MA 29 - Br├╝ckenbau und Grundbau
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CC Civil engineering

The terrace for urban life above the underground line U4 - near the station Pilgramgasse - and the Wien river is about 76 m long and 14 m wide and offers approximately 1,000 m┬▓ additional public space for the districts of Margareten and Mariahilf. The construction consists of prefabricated parts with topping reinforced concrete cover and a wooden surface. On the terrace there are outdoor furniture and design elements. Between the terrace and the subway station also a bridge over the underground line and the parallel flowing Wien river was constructed, which connects the districts Margareten and Mariahilf. The new bridge is designed as a steel-arch bridge with reinforced concrete superstructure, with a length of approximately 33 metres and a width of five metres.

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