Rail instead of road transport – project for a faster and more effective transportation of container goods from the factory to the railway via freight vehicle without transaction at a terminal.
Neusiedlerseebahn © Toni Rappersberger
Burgenland, Austria
Final aim of the project is to operate the line from Wulkaprodersdorf, the control centre of Raaberbahn also operating and maintaining Neusiedlerseebahn, by remote control.
Badner Railway – Schedifkaplatz © Toni Rappersberger
Vienna, Austria
The station “Schedifkaplatz” of the Badner tram line was modernized during a closure of two months without interruption of operation.
Donauufer Railway Station © FCP
Vienna, Austria
In the area of the Donauufer railway station the existing six tracks, which were located next to the transit tracks, were brought to the latest state of the art.
Railway Station Matzleinsdorf © Toni Rappersberger
Vienna, Austria
A multitude of service facilities of the Austrian railways in the area of Vienna’s old Southern railway station had to be concentrated in a new site in preparation of the project Vienna main railway station.
Main Station Vienna – Conception East
Vienna, Austria
The construction of the main railway station in Vienna located at the junction of international, national and urban rail systems required several subways of the city infrastructure, multi-functionality of the railway and various structures for the intersection-free crossings of railway connections (ramps north and south).