Brücken Instandsetzung

Gazela Bridge
Belgrade, Serbia
The bridge was completed in 1970 and had to be generally rehabilitated.
A2 Knoten Seebenstein
Lower Austria, Austria
The existing structures A2.R07 and A2.R08 (consisting of two separated structures) were built in 1974 and are located at the junction Seebenstein of the motorway A2.
B0902 Friedensbrücke
Vienna, Austria
Friedensbrücke was built from 1924 to 1926 and connects the 9th with the 20th district of Vienna via the Danube Channel.
AST Enns West - Object L20b
Lower Austria, Austria
Widening on both sides of bridge object L20b was necessary as a result of the construction of deceleration and acceleration lanes for the new Enns West motorway junction on the A1 Westautobahn.
L205 Bärentobelbrücke
Krumbach-Riefensberg, Austria
The repair works were carried out under maintenance of the traffic in three different construction phases.
A1 Regau–Seewalchen
A1 West Motorway, Austria
The bridge objects (S113, S115, S117, S120, S122) are situated in the section Regau–Seewalchen, between km 223.740 and 233.340.