Brücken Neubau

Wientalterrasse © Toni Rappersberger
Vienna, Austria
The terrace for urban life above the underground line U4 - near the station Pilgramgasse - and the Wien river is about 76 m long and 14 m wide.
Visualisierung Mayrederbrücke © ZOOM VP.AT
Vienna, Austria
The Mayreder Bridge is designed as a pedestrian and cycle path bridge for crossing the existing and future traffic routes in the area of the existing U2 station Aspern.
Drauquerung © FCP
The structure, which has a total length of approx. 600 m, consists of four single bearing structures with spans between 125 m and 200 m.
Botlekbrug © Hans De Visser
Rotterdam, Netherlands
The very attractive bridge construction project took place under difficult conditions.
Botlek Bridge – Approach Bridges © Hans De Visser
Rotterdam, Netherlands
The lifting bridge spans are connected to several foreshore bridges to the east and west which are designed as composite structures.
Frutzbrücke © Toni Rappersberger
Vorarlberg, Austria
Due to considerable defects at the existing bridge over the Frutz stream and for guaranteeing the through-flow for a hundred year flood of the Frutz stream, the existing object was demolished and the bridge was newly erected.