Dynamische Bauwerkspr├╝fung

Bridge over L110
A permanent measurement system with 60 sensors was installed at the bridge over the L110 road in order to study the interaction between the track system and the structure of a railway bridge.
Ernst Happel Stadion - Eliptical Roof
Vienna, Austria
The permanent monitoring system offers information on the load-bearing behaviour at high loads and documents the standard behaviour during a longer period.
Feeder Road ZM 6 and ZM 8
A2 Southern motorway, Austria
For both structures a static recalculation concerning load-bearing capacity and a dynamic assessment with BRIMOS® was conducted.
Wind Tunnel Tests Main Station Salzburg
Salzburg, Austria
Due to the architectural construction style of the platform canopy and particular specifications for the comfort of passengers it was necessary to perform an extensive wind tunnel test campaign.
Heavy load of 275 tons ┬ę FCP
Lower Austria, Austria
A 200 t heavy part of a drilling machine was transported over 12 km from the Danube port near Pischelsdorf to the west portal of the future Wienerwald railway tunnel.
LESSLOSS is an integrated project focusing on risk mitigation for earthquakes and landslides that relies on the active participation of 46 European partners.