Historische Bausubstanz

Tegetthoffkaserne © Visualisierung abvvienna 3d workshop
Vienna, Austria
The existing building wasreconstructed into a modern residential building with 23 apartments with private bathing areas and landing piers at the Kuchelauer dock.
BMF © Architekt Strixner
Vienna, Austria
The federal department of finance is situated in the buildings Himmelpfortgasse 6, Himmelpfortgasse 8, Himmelpfortgasse 8B, Johannesgasse 5 and Johannesgasse 5A.
Refurbishment Courtyard 3 at Ministry for Economic Affairs
Vienna, Austria
The historic steel roof was structurally preserved, the worn-out wire-glass tiles of the roof cover were replaced by composite glass panels.
BMWFJ Development of the Attic
Vienna, Austria
Conversion of the attic of a historic gov-ernment building erected in 1909.
BMWFJ New Supply and Disposal Concept
Vienna, Austria
A new supply and disposal concept, adjusted to the current state of the art, could be elaborated due to the extension and reconstruction of the government building.
Headquarters UNIQA Sarajevo
Sarajevo, BiH
The building located in a historic area of Sarajevo continues to exist in its exterior impression as historical monument and was adapted to a modern office building in the interior.