ÖAMTC Zentrale © Toni Rappersberger
Vienna, Austria
Ă–AMTC (Austrian Automobile, Motorcycle and Touring Club) intends to concentrate its current four administrative sites in Vienna in one building and establishes new headquarters with office area, support functions, membership service and a heliport in the 3rd district of Vienna.
City Tower Vienna © Toni Rappersberger
Vienna, Austria
In the course of the maintenance of the building the exterior toughened safety glass panels of the facade were exchanged with laminated safety glass.
WIENeu Hoerbiger © Toni Rappersberger
Vienna, Austria
New construction of the administration and production site for the company HOERBIGER in Seestadt Aspern in Vienna.
Libelle_Rendering_SchreinerKastler nachbearbeitet von Kowanz
Vienna, Austria
A pavilion for future utilization for events is built on the roof of Leopold Museum, which is part of the Museum Quarter in Vienna’s city centre.
St. Josef Hospital ©
Vienna, Austria
St. Josef hospital has been reconstructed according to the master plan. The building project comprises two issues: on the one hand the extension to a family centre and on the other hand the upgrading of the oncological focus.
University Hospital St. Pölten © Toni Rappersberger
Lower Austria, Austria
In the centre of Sankt Pölten, Lower Austria, a new hospital will be built on the site of the existing hospital.