Wind farm Großhofen (© Toni Rappersberger)
Lower Austria, Austria
Based on the completed environmental impact assessment a new wind farm was planned and built in the community of Großhofen in Lower Austria.
Pulp Mill in Punta Pereira
Montes del Plata, as a consortium, made the decision to build a cellulose pulp mill in Punta Pereira in the Department of Colonia in Uruguay.
Biodiesel Production Plant © Novaol
Lower Austria, Austria
Erection of a biodiesel production plant including a tank farm for raw materials and products, utilities and supply and waste disposal.
Biogas tank in system building construction method © Kirchdorfer Holding GmbH
Lower Austria, Austria
In the course of a pilot project a liquid and gas-tight biogas tank in system building construction method was developed.
Bio-Ethanol Plant Pischelsdorf © AGRANA
Lower Austria, Austria
At the factory site of the Donau Chemie AG in Pischelsdorf a plant for the production of bio-ethanol as fuel addition was established.
HADSPE Steel Plant © FCP
Al Jubayl, Saudi Arabia
The extension of the steel plant comprises outdoor structures, a water treatment plant and pipe tracks.