Krumbach-Riefensberg, Austria
Repeated inspection of the Bärentobel bridge.
L202 RheinbrĂĽcke Hard-FuĂźach
Hard–Fußach, Austria
A variant analysis (including LCC-analysis) for four different variants was performed for the planned reconstruction and/or new construction of the Rhine-bridge Hard–Fussach.
DonaubrĂĽcke Melk
Melk, Austria
The main inspection in 1996 was followed by rehabilitation in 1997. In May 2006 the main inspection was carried out.
Vösendorf, Austria
The structural inspection contains the 4th main inspection of the SCS bridge across the B 17, incl. 2 ramps, and the 3rd main inspection of the bridge across the undercrossing.
Tulln West BrĂĽcke
Tulln, Austria
Examinations were already carried out during construction and after completion.
Donaubrücke Pöchlarn
Lower Austria, Austria
The bridge consists of three parts: the part across the old Danube creek, the bicycle and pedestrian approach ramp and the bridge across the main stream of the river Danube.