Investigation Ă–BB Ballast-less Track
In the last few years the ballast-less track system has become increasingly popular in the railway network of Austria’s railway company.
Acoustic Measurements Line U6 "Alt Erlaa"
Vienna, Austria
Due to complaints of occupants acoustic measurements were performed between the stations "Alt Erlaa" and "Am Schöpfwerk" of underground line U6.
Tramway Line 6 - QuellenstraĂźe
Vienna, Austria
In the course of a track system renovation in the area of Quellenstrasse/Siccardsburggasse measurements were carried out before and after the constructional works.
Types of Track Systems - Vienna Public Transport
Vienna, Austria
Route planning and design of public transport running on rails is constricted in many ways (required space, accessibility, immission control, etc.).
Vienna, Austria
In the scope of the submission of the U1-underground railway line extension of the sections U1/5 to U1/8 as well as U1/13 to U1/15 according to the railway law, noise and vibration surveys were prepared in the areas affected under the assignment of Vienna’s public transport operator.
Secession – Beethovenfries © FCP
Wien, Ă–sterreich
By order of the Austrian Gallery Belvedere vibration studies were carried out at the Beethoven frieze, one of the most famous works of art by Gustav Klimt.