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Biogas tank in system building construction method © Kirchdorfer Holding GmbH

Biogas Tank in System Building Construction Method

Lower Austria, Austria
In the course of a pilot project a liquid and gas-tight biogas tank in system building construction method was developed.
Pavement Expansion Joints COLAS

Pavement Expansion Joints COLAS

Vienna, Austria
SILENT JOINT is the name for an elastic pavement expansion joint structure in mesh construction method using polymer tempered bitumen and a mineral supporting shell made of hard rock.
Urban Track

Urban Track

Urban Track was a project of the 6th European Framework Programme.

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CC Bridge construction
CC Geotechnics & natural hazards
CC Acoustics, dynamics, building physics, measurement & instrumentation
CC Railway engineering
CC Structural modeling

Research & development is the basis of future-oriented design activities according to the latest state of the art. According to our claim to offer the latest know-how for problem solution to our clients as innovative engineering office we are involved in a multitude of national and international research and development projects. The cooperation with Austrian and foreign universities and other research institutions results in a continuous exchange of knowledge which is of advantage for our clients.

Focuses of our activities in the framework of research and development are currently:

Development of construction management systems:

We are working at the preparation of maintenance and servicing concepts for structures on the basis of our current knowledge from structural inspection.

Development of dynamic procedures and practical application:

We are working at the development of a structural inspection system on the basis of vibration measurements and their analysis. This system with the name BRIMOS¬ģ (Bridge Monitoring System) is being used for the identification of damages at structures worldwide.
In the scope of EU research projects we are working at the development of semi-active damping systems, the further development of damage detection at structures and the analysis and damping of cable vibrations. In the course of a large-scale project for the reduction of noise and vibration emissions of railways we are further developing low-noise and low-vibration railway superstructure forms (floating track slab).

Railway construction and tunnel safety:

Focuses of our activities are the further development of solid carriageways with regard to an improved safety in tunnels (accessibility with rubber-tyred fire engines and ambulances), the development of transitions between solid carriageway systems and ballast superstructures and the development of bridge transition structures without expansion joints.

Standardization and guideline committees:

The numerous results of our research and development activities are integrated into current standardization by means of our participation in several expert standardization committees. Furthermore we cooperate in the preparation of several national guidelines for the fields civil engineering, bridge construction and railway construction.