Technical & financial control

Projects up-to-date:

ÖAMTC Zentrale © Toni Rappersberger

Ă–AMTC Headquarters

Vienna, Austria
The Ă–AMTC concentrated its existing Viennese administrative sites in one building and built a centre with office space, support functions, membership service and a heliport for the performance of its tasks. The site of the new project is located in Baumgasse in the third district of Vienna.
Tegetthoffkaserne © Visualisierung abvvienna 3d workshop

Tegetthoff Barracks

Vienna, Austria
The existing building wasreconstructed into a modern residential building with 23 apartments with private bathing areas and landing piers at the Kuchelauer dock.
Steirereck © Toni Rappersberger

Relaunch Gourmet Restaurant Steirereck

Vienna, Austria
Restaurant Steirereck in Vienna’s Stadtpark was extended by a new gazebo-like dining area towards the park. Below the new dining area two basement floors were erected as service and technical areas.

Technical & financial control
Technische Beratung in der Bauphase
Ăśberwachung des Baufortschrittes

Competence Center: 
CC Health & safety engineering
CC Project management infrastructure
CC Structural design buildings
CC Project management & controlling buildings

Technical and financial control as a secondary controlling body is your information partner for all business management, technical and organizational project agendas. It checks the realization of a project, immediately discovers deviations and reports the latter to the project operator together with proposals for solutions. Technical and financial control is an independent controlling agency which is only responsible to the project operator.

The most important tasks of controlling are:

  • cost control with permanent up-to-dateness
  • continuous progress control with documentation of the deviations
  • support of the client in all project phases
  • demonstration of possibilities for cost optimization
  • controlling of the project documents for their completeness, correctness and plausibility
  • check if the required approval procedures are carried out
  • check if all conditions of the authorities are realized
  • check of all contracts for compliance with the legal provisions
  • check of the tendering and awarding procedures
  • constant check if all parties involved in the project render the services agreed in the contract
  • cooperation in the acceptance of the structure
  • consultation of the client during the warranty phase
  • active participation in construction and project meetings

Reporting on the development of the project is carried out in form of test reports usually prepared once in three months and is passed on to the client. These reports include the current state of works in design, execution and accounting, progress control as comparison of estimates with results, quality control as well as proposals for the removal of possible faults. In order to show gross deviations, technical and financial control also prepares immediate reports if required.

In order to enable a comprehensive survey of the costs, this issue is especially considered in all reports. The client gets a clearly designed report on the current accounts, forecast costs, increased or decreased output and commissioned additional services organized in several stages. So the client has a comprehensive survey including everything from the total state up to the accounting for every individual contractor.

The service technical and financial control is addressed to building owners who delegated their duties to their project managers, to public clients, banks and credit institutes or more simplified to all persons and institutions who want to be kept informed on their projects by independent experts.