Campina – Predeal

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CC Eisenbahnwesen
CC Geotechnik & Naturgefahren

Repair works at the two-track railway route Bucharest – Brasov between Campina (km 94.680) and Predeal (km 142.525), under full maintenance of operation. The scope of work for the approx. 48 km long section comprised the foundation (earthworks), the track superstructure as well as the required slope securing measures including river engineering. The section included the railway stations Campina, Comarnic, Valea Larga, Sinaia, Busteni and Azuga, their buildings and structural facilities (platforms etc.), which should be also generally rehabilitated. Line improvements in location, altitude, cross-section and drainage were to be carried out, parallel routes and crossroads at the same level were to be aligned and pylons for overhead contact lines were to be installed. In total approx. 220 m of concrete walls, approx. 2,200 m of gabbioni with a height of up to 3.5 m and 15 ground sills / dams with a height of up to 3.0 m and river engineering measures on a length of 1,400 m had to be established.

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