A5.24 Satzengrabenbrücke © FCP

A maintenance-free roadway transition structure was developed at Vienna’s University of Technology (TU) for the pilot project A5.24 Satzengraben Bridge.

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© öbv

Discussion Forum - BIM in Structural Engineering and HVAC

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ÖAMTC Zentrale © Toni Rappersberger
Ă–AMTC Headquarters

On 5 December 2016 the new Ă–AMTC headquarters in Erdberg was put into operation.

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Ampelpärchen © FCP

FCP ZT GmbH is known for its courageous, creative and individual solutions to support its clients with the realization of their ideas to the best of its knowledge. On behalf of Vienna’s municipal authorities new symbols on the topic diversity were developed for traffic light facilities.

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New Danube Bridge Linz, Upper Austria

A report on the realization competition for the new Danube Bridge Linz was published in the December issue of the architectural journal “Wettbewerbe”.

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Educational Centre and Campus Sonnwendviertel, Vienna

Contemporary education. The educational centreSonnwendviertel in the 10th district of Vienna is the fourth educational campus in Vienna in addition to Monte Laa, Nordbahnhof and Donaustadt .

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NĂ–N 45/2014
Opening of Nursing Home Stephansheim in Horn

In the course of the opening of the Stephansheim Horn the NĂ–N (Lower Austrian Newspaper) published a special issue.

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Underground Railway Line U1 – Exchange of Surface Bearings and Adaptation

In the last few years damage increasingly occurred in the area of the underground railway lines U1 and U3 at the running and power rails.

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