ÖAMTC Zentrale © Toni Rappersberger
Ă–AMTC Headquarters

On 5 December 2016 the new Ă–AMTC headquarters in Erdberg was put into operation.

01.01.2017 - 00:00 // Press, Project of the month
City Tower Vienna © Toni Rappersberger

The project City Tower Vienna was successfully concluded in November.

01.12.2016 - 00:00 // Project of the month
noise maps © FCP
Environmental Noise Directive 2017 – Noise Maps Agglomeration Vienna

Within the scope of the EU-wide Enviromental Noise Directive (END) enacted in 2002 strategic noise maps and noise action planning are published every five years (

01.11.2016 - 00:00 // Project of the month
U5 Berlin © A. Reetz-Graudenz
U5 Berlin – Completion of the Structural Works at Station Rotes Rathaus

On 7 September a topping-out ceremony and an open building site day took place on the occasion of the completion of the preliminary structural works of the underground railway station Rotes Rathaus.

01.10.2016 - 00:00 // Project of the month
Reichsbrücke © FCP
Bearing Replacement ReichsbrĂĽcke

In the course of the structural survey of the ReichsbrĂĽcke it was detected that certain pot bearings had no sufficient sliding gap anymore. Therefore the existing pot bearings are dismounted and replaced with new cup and ball bearings in autumn 2016.

01.09.2016 - 00:00 // Project of the month
Libelle_Rendering_SchreinerKastler nachbearbeitet von Kowanz
Libelle - Vibration Monitoring Leopold Museum

A pavilion named “Libelle” for future utilization for events is built on the roof of Leopold Museum.

01.07.2016 - 00:00 // Project of the month
Steibrua – Network Arch Bridge in Norway

The existing, approx. 95 m long, network arch bridge consists of a timber arch and a prestressed concrete bridge deck, which is suspended by means of 68 prestressed steel rods (MacAlloy system).

01.06.2016 - 00:00 // Project of the month
M. Bajaj, L. Fagundes, Sheikh Ali Bin Hamad Al Thani, G. Ntigkmpasanis, B. VanWagenen, B. Halabi
LIS-03 - Modernization of the Sewage System in Doha

Ashghal (Public Works Authority), the Qatari authority responsible for all infrastructure projects realizes the so-called IDRIS Programme (Inner Doha Resewerage Implementation Strategy) for comprehensive extension and fundamental modernization of the sewage system in Doha in order to cope with th

01.05.2016 - 00:00 // Project of the month