Residential Area Donaufelder Stra√üe 73, Bombardier-Gr√ľnde, 21st district of Vienna

The building site is situated on the former area of the company Bombardier in the 21st district of Vienna. ...

21.08.2012 - 14:32 // Press
The future of the football club SK Rapid also depends on FCP

The planning for the refurbishment of the Hanappi stadium is running at full speed.

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13.05.2012 - 00:00 // Press
Niederösterreich-Haus Krems

Austria's biggest passive office building presents itself.

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18.11.2011 - 00:00 // Press
Private Education Campus - Reconstruction of Theresianum

Private education from kindergarten up to secondary school. The building was inaugurated on Wednesday, 19 Oct. 2011.

20.10.2011 - 00:00 // Press
Frutz Bridge

The Frutz Bridge between Rankweil and Röthis is demolished and newly built. The new bridge fulfils the current requirements and demands of traffic.

Services of FCP: Basic design, detailed design, road design, tender

13.10.2011 - 00:00 // Press
HBF Salzburg
Main Station Salzburg

Salzburg's unique Art Nouveau hall was restored to its original state. The steel structure composed of 2500 parts was erected again.

Services: Project management in the design and construction phase, design and building site coordination

21.04.2011 - 00:00 // Press
First Milestone for the Large-Scale Project Lainzer Tunnel

In the Lainzer Tunnel the first track was completed, thus the 12.3 km long tube (link between western, southern and Donaulände railway line) is continuously accessible for the first time.

07.04.2011 - 00:00 // Press
Impact and Monitoring of Floating Track Slab Systems in Railways

The dynamic function of floating track slabs as well as a complete check method by measurements and analyses are demonstrated on the basis of theoretical considerations and practical measurements of wave propagation, which presents a decisive progress compared to selective checks performed so far

05.04.2011 - 00:00 // Press