Building Safety Inspections © FCP
Building Safety Inspections

We were able to extend our competence as engineering consultants with the framework contract “building safety inspections in Lower Austria“. The process of a building condition assessment including cost and risk estimate was developed for this project.

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Arrival Center Schönbrunn © 2018 zoom vp
Arrival Center Schönbrunn

The area between Schlossbr√ľcke and Gr√ľnbergstrasse is the last part of the area in front of the Sch√∂nbrunn castle to be modernized.

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Bremsarbeitsnachweis f√ľr Prellbock
Braking Work Analysis for a Buffer Stop

Civil engineering verification for the performed braking work of a buffer stop without headstock

Weichenwerke Wörth GmbH has developed a new buffer stop. A civil engineering verification of the braking work was the basis for the approval by a public utility.

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Austria Campus © Toni Rappersberger
Austria Campus

Austria Campus is a business site with a total area of 200,000 m² consisting of all in all six office blocks.

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Take a break and join us on our journey to the North Pole!

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√ĖAMTC Mobility Centre

FCP received the EUROPEAN CONCRETE AWARD 2018 with the project ‚Äě√ĖAMTC Mobility Centre‚Äú!

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Loading Requirements for Track Systems

Which load pattern do you use for track design? In rail track engineering it is common to apply load models developed for design and assessment of bridges as an approximation of loading regimes for rail tracks.

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Spielmanngasse © Toni Rappersberger
Spielmanngasse ‚Äď School for 6 to 14-Year-Olds

The project consists of the new construction of a new secondary school and the annex to an already existing elementary school.

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